Friday, February 13, 2009

Optimism on a Cloudy Day

Despite being semi-superstitious, I haven't really been freaked out about Friday the 13th (save, perhaps, for the movie franchise). Such a disbelief remains unflappable even after officially starting a relationship on a Ft13th that ended up failing, and a small slew of other unfortunate happenings that just so happened to fall on that day.

Perhaps to further prove my point, I attended Farmlab's third ever Optimist Breakfast, which are held on the notoriously unlucky day. The event piqued my interest, but when I saw the 8am start time, I almost decided against going. Then I thought such thinking isn't much in the spirit of the event so I promised myself, by hook or by crook, I would go. At the very least, I had the advantage of living very close to the venue and it fell on my day off, so at the worst, I would go sleepy and grumpy and return home to rest some more.

I managed to muster the energy and motivation to get dressed and over there in time, even with a later-than-hoped bedtime last night only to wake up to a cold and rainy morning. I had no expectation of being fed despite the event coined as a breakfast, but we were bacon'd and OJ'd as we listened to great speakers talk on this inception's theme, "What Patriotism Means to Me" as we sat beneath Spring Street with the LA River at our side and Metrolink trains passed, causing unexpected dramatic pauses in the speeches of the guest speakers.

The morning defied the maligned prejudices of this day: listening to inspiring different takes patriotism in a cold I haven't felt since being in Europe at the end of November, watching the breaks in the clouds while kind of hoping more rain would come, and sharing this experience with other people who think the same (or at the very least, enjoy free bacon and eggs).

Although I have my moments when I feel a little down, I like to consider myself an optimist for the most part, and though I don't have to prove it by getting up despite all odds. Let's just see if I continue to think that way next month when the next breakfast has a 6am start.


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