Monday, February 23, 2009

THE MONDAYS -or- Things Happen for a Reason

Whenever someone actually says, "Someone has the case of The Mondays!," I actually start having a case of "The Mondays" regardless of whether I'm already having one or not. For this Monday, however, I had it real bad.

Let's start off with the fact that today was my first day doing a weekly Monday entry. For those who have been wondering (I doubt any have), I do have a short list of general concepts to write about when a blogging day is approaching, and it's not very certain what I'll write about until I sit in front of a computer to compose my next entry. This past week in general was a pretty busy and tiring one for me, leaving me little time to plan for this, and I figured that the headache that induced an early bedtime for me Sunday night would allow me adequate rest for me to prepare for yet another crazy week.

And crazy it was from the get-go. After a restless sleep, I was roused around 5:30AM this morning by a text message from my roommate, asking me to take her to urgent care. She was feeling poorly for about six hours before she asked me to take her, and after putting on some clothes, we made the squeaky trip up to urgent care, where we stayed there for over three hours as we watched Oscar wrap-ups and I played a bit of Sudoku and Animal Crossing on my Nintendo DS. I'm glad that I wound up sleeping earlier so that I'd get that extra bit of sleep so that I'd be able to take her when she wanted to. She is going to be okay, by the way; she's doing a bit better.

After our stint in Urgent Care, we stopped by Trader Joe's to stock up on more fluids for her, which provided me with the opportunity to go across the street to try this infamous breakfast burrito I keep hearing about. After going home and trying to put some damage in what's probably a one pound behemoth, I did a bit of freshening up to clock in some work time.

Not that I am glad she is not feeling well, but if we didn't have to be in Pasadena at such an early time, I probably wouldn't have had the motivation enough to get my butt over in time for this burrito...the burrito that eventually contributed to my demise for the rest of the day.

I do have a witness how that huge thing kicked my butt all day, and as of this posting, I still haven't gathered the courage to polish off the three bites of this dense and greasy thing. I'm starting to develop a phobia of it, even. I thought that having something like that to help me power through the day would help, but instead, I staggered through sleepy AND groggy, thanks to all the grease and starch that was weighing me down.

By the end of the day, I was sleepy with a headache, and couldn't think of anything better than to take some pain killer and nap. The way I was feeling today, one would think that I was the one who was sick.

But I guess I am sick: Sick with The Mondays. And to top the day off, here I am, fresh from said nap, writing a perfectly crappy blog entry in the spirit of this perfectly Monday day.

Of course, there's a reason for all this crap: I've set the bar so low at this point, I'm sure these new Monday entries by Yours Truly can't get any worse...right?



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