Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Sleep?

I don't think I can recall having one good night's sleep this year so far. I guess it's something of my fault by ushering in 2009 by staying up till 5 and waking up naturally just in time to catch the live telecast of the Rose Parade and the Twilight Zone marathon and kept going with my day without much of a nap.

Of course, it doesn't help that I've been staying up late only to have to wake up early for important things, like go to work and the like, and I've been kept so busy, I don't really get much for naps that I really like doing. I have played it safe when I've been at others' place very late and opt to crash there instead of trying to sleepily drive home, but sleeping in a foreign environment doesn't yield quality sleep. Even when I do get in a good amount of hours in my own bed, something usually prevents me from a quality rest, like a bad dream, a strange noise, a headache, or the fact that I simply passed out while trying to work on something on the computer only to doze off and wake up hours later with the lights still on, the laptop to the side and discovering the hard object jabbing at my back are my glasses on which I'm lying down.

I really do like sleep, and I know it's good for me. I just wish that I could get more of it, and perhaps more quality sleep. More than anything, I do hope that I don't manifest some alter ego in my sleep that goes out and does things like form secret societies in the efforts to create social change through terrorism. I'd rather I'd spend my unconscious hours doing things that will help me out with my day-to-day, like make me breakfast or get my knitting done...maybe read that book or two I've been wanting to get through or tag and caption all my photos on Flickr.

Or maybe my alter ego should more of a social life than I'm not keen on having right now, just to make sure my friends know I'm not ignoring them and thus hating their guts because I don't even poke them on Facebook.


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