Monday, March 2, 2009

Mid Life Crisis Control

Whenever I've felt a little down and out, I meditate on this secret mantra I've never shared with anyone: "If Peter is still alive and out there, then all is right with the world."

Peter is more than a dreamer: he is also a dream-chaser. Unlike others who sing of their hopes and dreams as lotus-eaters would, he would dream something up and would go out in the world and go for it; something I've always loved and admired in the short time he's breezed in and out of my life.

It may seem strange to make one's bellwether for the world a total idealist, but he's never led me astray. It came no surprise to me that he, along with most people I know, had one doozy of a last year, and now, much like many people (including myself), he is scrappin' by as best he can while he tries to find that lucky door Opportunity is behind, just about to knock.

We always seem to find each other again at the perfect time: one or both of us will have an idea incubating, but it isn't until we're with the other that this/ese idea/s really take off, since we always seem to catalyze each other into action.

The one big thing working against us now is time. We're not as young and are aware of our limitations at this point. This is not to say that we're past our prime, but it won't be long before time will be working against us, and we'll be too deaf to hear Opportunity knock at our doors.

Hopefully our aged and experienced selves hasn't put us in a stupor enough not to take action, and with each others' encouragement and egging on, we'll continue to ride the wave of inspiration so that we can reach our dreams.


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