Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fueled by Validation

Everybody needs validation. Some claim it’s not necessary, that their lives are fulfilling and satisfying. These people are liars. They are liars and evil for making us who use validation as fuel feel bad. I mean, what point is there in writing if nobody’s commenting? How do I know I have any readers other than my friends?

Do I need to provide points of interest? Did you know that any unsolicited merchandise you receive is yours to keep? If a company sends you merchandise without your permission, and expects you to return the item if you aren’t satisfied, they’re idiots.

I got the Wall Street Journal every day for three months before the bastards realized I wasn’t going to pay for it. The worst part is that these trial period assholes prey on naivete. I received several “bills” and “late notices” demanding that I pay for something I never requested. Others, my parents for example, would’ve been duped.

Was that sufficient? Do I have to post something controversial? A dissenting opinion perhaps? No, I already expressed my disdain for voting, a disdain I do not condone as it defeats the purpose of my argument.

Maybe some gossip? I don’t know any gossip.

Leave a comment. Chumps.



  1. I'd almost think that call to action would call a bunch of smartasses to this action by not leaving a comment. But I'm leaving one.

    Mostly because I just want to point out between the two of us, YOU are the ones that gets the comments in this house of adventure. If comments were the bacon, you, my friend would be swimming in it.

    You clearly win this competition, and you know how I feel about losing. I guess that earns you the right to point your little finger two inches from my face and give out the biggest laugh ever.


    Fueled by PMS

  2. PS - Blogger's new commenting interface is ass in a can.


  3. This works both ways, motherscratcher.

    I have a (*new*)blog, too you know.

  4. i was hoping this new entry would tell me who ate your bday cake. here's hoping for next time.

    there's your comment.

  5. I'm quitting this contest.

    That's not a new blog! That blog is over a half year old! But I'm excited to see it.

    Nobody's figured out who ate my bday cake! Except Corazon, but I need to confirm that as she's kept it a secret.

  6. So, since you received WSJ every day for 3 months, I must ask you, what stocks should I buy?