Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steady Onward

It's time for another drunk post I think.

You know what's sad? Our knowledge being limited by our imagination.

You know why? Because our imaginations are feebly limited.

This idea is dandy for those who don't realize this, but imagine what unthinkable possibilities there are in the universe! It's impossible, but try because it's the only way to near conceiving such things.

Consider 10,000 years ago a nomad conjuring the thought of the thought of the thought of something as abstract as the internet. Sure, maybe a super genius through heavy meditation may conclude that it may be nice to have a massive depository of information accessible at an instant. And he may conclude that maybe, somehow, it'll be possible to share thoughts with others instantly. But how probable is that?

Given how fast our knowledge is accumulating, who knows with what we'll be astounded come thirty years. Look at the iPhone. LOOK AT IT. What would you have made of this ten years ago? Having access in your palm to more information than all of human civilization has had access to since the inception of cuneiform.

Can you imagine what people 10,000 years ago would think of the iPhone? (It's a good book.)

Now you see how feeble is our imagination.

PS Have you seen shows or read about those ridiculous assertions regarding life on other planets? Some scientists (I'm sure at producers' behest) have surmised at life on other planets. On massier planets, some say, all living creatures will be squat and eat helium-filled floating fish while hopping around on their one foot.

Remember the futurists of the sixties predicting cars zooming across the sky propelled by nuclear reactors with ten ton robots at the wheel? They're the same quacks trying to predict life on other planets today.



  1. This is similar to a thought I had about thinking, that I believe was on my mind prior to the time I came up with that other theory about ideas and perspectives of Neanderthal man vs Future man, and how the two would not make a good married couple, but could live together, providing one learned how to bathe properly, or one lost his sense of smell due to Evolution.

  2. frank, you forgot to address on your post if this post is from the future. is it? if so, i look forward to the future, when my body will perish but i will live on through an artificial body (talk about radical idea!)....i will be immune to std because i will having sex with machines. there will still be that problem of metal chaffing however....damn future.

  3. Fran, you're SO Futurama. BO-RING!