Wednesday, June 3, 2009


For the five readers that actually bother following my entries, you may have noticed I've been kind of MIA on this blog. Most of that time was crazy times, part of that was crazy lazy times, and the other part was crazy in the fact that I was out there in the world, away from the computer and having real adventure!

I guess it all started when I started off my month house sitting for my friend, the same weekend I was going to help out with this really cool shopping event and help celebrate my friend's birthday by dragging him to a Dodgers game even though he didn't really want to. Then it was my sister's birthday and I went with her and Henjobin to celebrate her quarter century mark. The next day I was back in Orange County dressed the way I dressed an awkward prepubescent at a Yelp event, then kind of kicked of Birthday Week by eating a whole bunch of Korean BBQ, experimenting with making spicy chicken wings to BBQ, went to the beach, then to a Southern vampire party, then it was my actual birthday where I had a good breakfast in Long Beach and spent a few hours at Disney Californa Adventures before hauling back to LA to go to a Dodgers game against the Angels followed by fireworks! I did a few Memorial Day BBQ things, but I focused most of my energies to prepare for the 2009 Acura LA Bike Tour where I was going to ride 23 miles around LA at 5AM on Memorial Day.

And I have proof:

I even made a video:

It never seemed I could sleep in thanks to too much on my mind and my roommate's cat going into heat for the first time, and just when I thought I could get to sleep in, my friend calls me up asking if I can take her to the ER because she cut her thumb open cutting a mango. That took me to taking her to her Dr. in Arcadia, then to Irvine to pick up a house key, then to LA to figure out how to get home since it was decided I was driving up to Monterey to overnight in a hostel, which was pretty damn cool. Then I took the Amtrak down from Monterey to Oxnard, which took an entire day, but was a pretty nice ride (nicer with bloody marys). I made it home in time to make it to my friend's birthday party, and man, I'm still around to tell the tale.

Needless to say, I ended my year 28 with a bang and 29 has been pretty crazy. Let's see how the rest of my 20's rounds out...

PS - I have do have photographic proof for all of these things (and I do not exaggerate) I've mentioned in this entry, but I can only upload so much at a time. KBBQ? Spicy wings? Baseball games? Disneyland? Yeah, I got it. If you return to this post, I very well will link to everything mentioned here, or you can just visit my Flickr.



  1. I AM LOAD.
    plus, I have a pic of you taking pics at the Dodger game. like you, I have been busy adventuring so it may be a few days before i can upload to anywhere where you can see...

  2. The video is load. All is well now.

    Also I thought the video was great. I loved it! I wish your batteries hadn't died, though.

  3. We found LOAD!

    Roachie - I've been trying really hard to get more pics up, and each night I've been home I've been uploading a new set, and eventually I'll get to my own birthday. No rush, I plan to be around for at least another less than year just for laughs.

    F-rizzle - I'm really happy to hear you like the video. I value your opinion highly. Maybe it's better they did die; not long after I was pretty pissy with what was going on with the detours and such.