Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holding Patterns

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and realize your life is reminiscent of the classic Bill Murray comedy, Groundhog Day, but only a lot worse?

What makes it a lot worse is that you're not nearly as funny as Bill Murray, this indefinite starting over again isn't distilled in a 90-minute comedy, and instead is real life, which is often more tragic and time does not go back to 6:00am the previous day and instead rolls out to the next day, week and year ad nauseum, finding yourself older, possibly fatter and more bitter than before, and whatever consequences you've accrued the previous day IN FACT carries on with you moreso than just a memory.

It kind of stinks knowing full well of your real-life limitations of the situation of letting history repeat itself. Instead of dreading of hearing I've Got You Babe waking up, you still channel Cher, wondering if you can turn back time. Either way, you've got to accept the harsh truth and move on from there...but what is there to do? With time working against you, there's only a finite number of options to help you get out of such a pattern without the do-overs. Wing it? Go carpe diem and see if you organically fall out of it? Or once you're actually aware of such a bad habit, try to figure out what's causing this pattern to repeat and change things to prevent it from happening again? But how does one start in this process in the first place?!?

Answers: Maaaaaaaaybe...; TONS; YES?!?; Perhaps not.; Perhaps the best way to go.; You tell me...this is MY start in figuring all this out!



  1. not saying i do this, but it's something i read somewhere: every day, make a list of everything you'd do if you were going to die tomorrow, and try to do some of that stuff.

  2. i have seen groundhog day over 80 times. i could see some philosophical advantages to reliving the same day over and over again. afterall, every day is really the same day all over again, except you're choosing to do different things, which you really would choose to different things in the groundhog scenario anyway....and you can affect people's actions too by your own actions, which also happens outside the groundhog day there is that....

  3. That's a pretty good tip, Guybrush! Too bad hiking Mt. Fuji isn't so everyday for me.

    Fran oh Fran, I think you've been working a desk job for far too long... ;P