Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sick at Work

Hi. It's me again, and I'm still alive but feeling pretty crummy at work.

Even though I am feeling better, I run a terrible risk of making myself even sicker by going to work. Why? For some strange reason, my office can actually double as a meat's so cold ALL THE TIME.

Take this picture for example:

That's me in February, and even though I'm dressed like this for the outside, I keep it on for the inside and ADD the fingerless gloves so I can actually type without digits freezing off. So yes, those are mismatched fingerless gloves I'm wearing, with a cashmere scarf, a corduroy peacoat, and a warm and wooly sweater underneath. I don't remember, but I'm sure I was wearing a thermal beneath that sweater.

Although it's not AS cold as it was then, it's still cold, and I'm sick, which means I'm prepared to freeze myself to death or become cryogenically frozen. I may not have such a big issue with the latter, but I'm not as imaginative as Walt Disney or as mediocreally humorous as Fry in Futurama, so I'll spare the future from myself by going when it's naturally acceptable.

This is what I look like today:

It's me again, with my GIANT cup o' tea, wearing my warm, weatherproof coat and a hood over my head, which is also covered with a wool hat.

Peeling off a layer, I look like this:

This is me with just the hoodie and hood pulled down, still wearing the hat.

Peeling off one more layer:

I've got my snug-fitting Snoopy shirt and a 3/4-sleeve thermal. I like keeping Snoopy close to my heart - he keeps me warm.

And no, I'm not peeling off any more layers, sickos (wait...I'm the sicko, you're the pervo).

It wasn't too long after shooting that last shot that I quickly put the layers back on, because I was getting COLD.

I also have our office radiator on and it's at my feet, trying to keep me warm.

If I don't see any noticeable progress by the end of the week, I'm giving up this fight.

Yes, I am a wimp.



  1. yeah, i can already tell you're cold on that last might want to photoshop that last picture...

    oh i am evil. ^_^

  2. p.s.

    ow, my eye, watch where you point that picture at!


  3. You're sick? Is that why we didn't see you at Cole's/Association?

    Hey, you going to Coachella?

  4. Fran, to think I was going to make you food. Maybe I will, and cough THE PLAGUE on it.

    Kampy, that's exactly the reason. :C French Dip down the street from my house with cool peeps? I started feeling gross Monday morning and I wasn't getting better through the, I had to be IN Venice in a suit by 9 the next day.

    Double sadness is that I'm not going to Coachella either. It breaks my heart. Please have extra fun for me!

    As a consolation, I'm going to see Eddie Izzard this weekend...